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Pharmed & Healthcare
2015-10-30 03:18:49

Vietnam International Exhibition on Products, Equipment, Supplies for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Hospital & Rehabilitation


Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair
2015-01-28 02:13:55

Press Release

Medical Devices & Supplies Fair Attracts over 9,600 Buyers Record 240 Exhibitors Take Part in Three-Day Fair

Medicare Taiwan
2015-01-31 02:08:54

Official Contractor 2017
Uniplan Taiwan Corporation O'YA Marketing Solution & Interior Design
Asia’s only life care as the theme of ....

The Tech Healthcare Summit – 3rd March 2017
2017-01-13 01:33:31

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation,” The overall Indian healthcare market is worth around US$ ....

Elder Care Asia is now open for Booth
2015-05-12 02:10:43

Elder Care Asia 2017 - ....

IDEX- Istanbul Dental Equipment & Material Exibition
2015-06-03 07:38:06

Fair Name : ....

The 2nd Myanmar International Medical, Hospital & Pharmaceutical
2015-09-28 08:04:02

Opportunities in Health sector  
Myanmar is the largest country in mainland of South-East Asia ....

Medicall is India's Premier hospitals needs and equipment
2017-05-04 06:38:32


Hospital Needs Expo

India's Premier B2B Medical Equipment Show
Medicall  is India's Premier hospitals needs ....

The 23rd Asian and Oceanic Congress of Obstetrics
2014-10-17 05:50:01

The 23rd Asian and Oceanic Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2013 will be hosted by the ....

Welcome to participate in International Conference on healthy
2014-10-17 06:12:12

Welcome to participate in International Conference on healthy Ageing. The term ‘healthy ageing’ encapsulates the dimension ....

9th International Conference and Expo on Proteomics
2017-07-07 03:41:46

9th International Conference and Expo on Proteomics
November 13-15, 2017 Paris, France

Medical Japan– Best gateway to tap the world’s
2016-12-09 05:43:18

Medical Japan 2017 – Best gateway to tap the world’s second largest medical market!

Medical ....

Smart Healthcare Expo
2017-11-24 02:04:33

2018 Smart Healthcare Expo Newsletter


The implementation of smart technology in the hospital greatly elevates the ....

International Vision Expo West
2017-03-02 06:38:09

Vision Expo is a weeklong celebration to introduce the world's most fashionable eyewear and advanced equipment ....

KHIMIA - Chemistry Expo
2017-03-02 07:10:12

Post Show Report International Exhibition Khimia 2016
From September 19 to 22, Expocentre ....

Arab Health Congress
2017-03-08 07:04:57

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2017-03-06 02:48:34

All the latest news from MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2017.
Dates announced for MEDICAL ....

2017-03-09 07:02:47

EPN Forum Tubinge - Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network Forum
2016-02-05 05:06:21

  "The EPN FORUM 2016 will take place on 18th-21st May in Germany (Tübingen)"

Iran Health:International Exhibition for Medical,Dental, laboratory Equipment Pharmaceutical
2017-03-10 02:13:42

Post Show Report 2016

Venue   Tehran International Permanent Fairground
Duration & ....

KHIMIA - Chemistry Expo

Post Show Report International Exhibition Khimia 2016
From September 19 to 22, Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted the 19th international exhibition for chemical industry and science Khimia 2016, a key event in the Russian chemical industry.
The trade show was held by Expocentre and supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Chemists Union, NIITEKHIM OAO, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, and Chemistry Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The show runs under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
At the opening ceremony Expocentre General Director Sergey Bednov said, “The Khimia exhibition is not only the most long-standing and prestigious event in the chemical industry in Russia whose participants are leading Russian manufacturers and suppliers of the chemical products but also an important event in the international trade show calendar.” 
The participants in the Khimia 2016 official opening ceremony were Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Sergey Tsyb, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Kirill Molodtsov, President of the Russian Chemists Union Viktor Ivanov, Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vladimir Dmitriev, President-elect of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Natalya Tarasova, and Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dean of the Chemistry Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, professor Valery Lunin.
Other participants in the opening ceremony were representatives of the government, production and research chemical society.
Khimia 2016 was attended by 9,500 visitors, 92% of them are industry experts. The total number of visits amounted to 11,020.
This year 245 companies from 17 countries showcased their advanced technology and new developments in the chemical industry on the total exhibition area of 19, 460 sq m.
Companies from Belarus, Germany, China and Kazakhstan organized their national pavilions.
The latest technology and equipment were displayed by such foreign companies as Toyobo (Germany), Bipea (France), HPD Process Engineering S.A.U. (Spain), Kroosh Technologies Ltd. (Israel), Flowserve B.V. Representative (Netherlands), and others.
Among the Russian participants there were UralChem, UralKali, Phosagro, Pharmcontract, Chempack, Tecsa, Centre of Corrosion Protection, Conferum, Catalyse, and many others. Newcomers were X-Tech, Velikiye Luki Experimental Machine Building Plant, Dalenergomash, Volzhsky Engineering Center, and Pioner Trade.
Khimia 2016 united a series of trade shows and congresses which covered all sectors of the chemical industry presenting a complete picture of the current achievements of chemical research. These salons were
Chem-Lab-Analyt (analytical and laboratory equipment, chemical reagents);
ChemMash. Pumps (chemical engineering and pumps);
Green Chemistry (technology and equipment for environmentally clean chemical processing);
Plastics Industry Show (raw materials and equipment for production and processing of polymers and plastics).
The Khimia specialized section CORRUS devoted to the equipment and technologies for protection against corrosion and corrosion-resistant materials has enlarged this year. The Salon participants were the Society for Corrosion Protection GfKORR (Germany), the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC), DECHEMA German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (Germany), CEFRACOR French Center of Corrosion Protection (France), DFI (Germany) and Russian companies, e.g., Center of Corrosion Protection, Conferum, Atlantis, Uralelektromed, and Velikiye Luki Experimental Machine Building Plant.
The Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions project was carried out at Khimia 2016. It is aimed to prevent the cases when counterfeit products are displayed at exhibitions. The project organizers offered practical solutions to protect the rights of the Khimia 2016 participants. Russia’s leading universities and colleges showed their innovative developments in the Centre of Science and Education.
Khimia 2016 featured events which were very important for the Russian chemical industry. The participants were representatives of ministries and industry associations, CEOs of major companies, prominent scientists and experts.
The partner of the Khimia 2016 event program was the Russian Export Center, a joint-stock company.
The counselling session on Russian Export Center: Tools for Promotion of Export of Chemical Products was first held as part of the Khimia 2016 event program.
Expocentre plans to hold consultations for exporters at its trade shows where businessmen will be offered a unique opportunity to have face-to-face contacts with representatives of the Russian Export Center, an important state institution supporting export.
The joint meeting of the Interdepartmental Research and Technology Council on the Problems of Development of Specialty Chemicals Production and Interdepartmental Expert Council on the Development of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries was held at the trade show. It was organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Russian Ministry of Energy. Leading institutes for development of specialty chemicals production in the chemical sector were invited to take part in the discussion.
The largest industry event organized by the Russian Chemists Union at Khimia 2016 was the 4th Moscow International Chemical Forum. The event ran under the slogan “Chemical Sector: New Facts and New Opportunities”.
The Forum was supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), the Russian Fertilizer Producers Association, Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and others.
The forum participants discussed the current state of the Russian chemical engineering and introduction of energy efficient practices, development of the paints and coatings industry, application of the best available technologies and the latest ecological systems at production sites, and HR of the industry. The Forum featured a plenary session, round tables and conferences.
The trade show included
seminar on Supercritical Fluid Technology: Innovative Potential of Green Chemistry organized by the Supercritical Fluids: Theory and Practice journal, Expocentre AO;
conference on New Corrosion Protection Technologies in Manufacturing as part of the Salon of Protection Against Corrosion CORRUS. The salon and the conference were organized by Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, DECHEMA German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, and Expocentre AO;
seminar on Regulations of Carriage of Dangerous Goods - Chemical Products organized by Roshimreaktiv Nonprofit Partnership, Expocentre AO;
conference on Chemical Aspects of Renewable Energy organized by Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Expocentre AO;
seminars, master classes and presentations of participating companies;
Competition of Young Scientists with international participants.
The next 20th anniversary international exhibition Khimia 2017 will run at Expocentre from October 23 through 26.
Exhibitor Feedback
Alexey Tsvetkov, General Director, Chemical Engineering Solutions
“It is not the first time that we participate in the trade show. This year a lot of visitors attended our stand. From eighty-five to ninety per cent of them are our target customers. We invited the partners which were interested in the results of the previous trade show. Our decision is to participate in the Khimia further editions.”
Dmitry Farmakovsky, Analytical Equipment Consultant, Shimadzu Europa GmbH
“Our company has participated in the trade show since it was founded. Khimia is one of must-attend events for us. The services provided are good and the location of our stand is convenient.”
Oleg Novozhilov, Production Manager of Project and Engineering Department, Pharmcontract Group
“Khimia is a key event of the year which is of interest to us. Here we can showcase our best equipment and developments. Over three years we have not only participated in the trade show but also acted as its sponsor. It is the best example of the show’s relevance to us.
Traditionally, the show participants are very competent people: researchers who devoted their lives to chemistry, people who are in charge of chemical production, and those who make decisions on production funding. Each person is of particular interest to us. We plan to cooperate with the Khimia exhibition and extend our showcase. Next year we will bring the latest innovative developments of our manufacturers.”
Dmitry Polstyanov, General Director, X-Tech
“We are very satisfied with the results of our participation. Lots of new clients attended our stand. We see great potential in the chemical and pharmaceutical market. I would rate our participation in Khimia ten out of ten. Our company deals with technology and innovations and we are ready to collaborate in different areas.
Thanks a lot to the organizers for effective work. Next year we will surely take part in the trade show.”
Maksim Matveev, Deputy Director for Marketing and Development, Zavod Sintanolov of Norchem Group
“We have participated in the Khimia exhibition since our company was established. This trade show is a peculiar meeting place to hold negotiations and carry out business. It is the place where people search new ways to develop the economy of our country. We hope that next year our stand will be better than this year.”
Nikolay Kolosov, Leading Manager of the Analytical Equipment Sector, MILLAB
“Our company has existed for 20 years and we regularly participate in the trade show. A lot of visitors attend our stand; we meet our customers and sign contracts. Every year we intensify our presence the show. Everything is well organized and very convenient. We plan to enlarge our stand in 2017. After each trade show we get new business leads.”