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Pharmed & Healthcare
2015-10-30 03:18:49

Vietnam International Exhibition on Products, Equipment, Supplies for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Hospital & Rehabilitation


Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair
2015-01-28 02:13:55

Press Release

Medical Devices & Supplies Fair Attracts over 9,600 Buyers Record 240 Exhibitors Take Part in Three-Day Fair

Medicare Taiwan
2015-01-31 02:08:54

Official Contractor 2017
Uniplan Taiwan Corporation O'YA Marketing Solution & Interior Design
Asia’s only life care as the theme of ....

The Tech Healthcare Summit – 3rd March 2017
2017-01-13 01:33:31

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation,” The overall Indian healthcare market is worth around US$ ....

Elder Care Asia is now open for Booth
2015-05-12 02:10:43

Elder Care Asia 2017 - ....

IDEX- Istanbul Dental Equipment & Material Exibition
2015-06-03 07:38:06

Fair Name : ....

The 2nd Myanmar International Medical, Hospital & Pharmaceutical
2015-09-28 08:04:02

Opportunities in Health sector  
Myanmar is the largest country in mainland of South-East Asia ....

Medicall is India's Premier hospitals needs and equipment
2017-05-04 06:38:32


Hospital Needs Expo

India's Premier B2B Medical Equipment Show
Medicall  is India's Premier hospitals needs ....

The 23rd Asian and Oceanic Congress of Obstetrics
2014-10-17 05:50:01

The 23rd Asian and Oceanic Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2013 will be hosted by the ....

Welcome to participate in International Conference on healthy
2014-10-17 06:12:12

Welcome to participate in International Conference on healthy Ageing. The term ‘healthy ageing’ encapsulates the dimension ....

9th International Conference and Expo on Proteomics
2017-07-07 03:41:46

9th International Conference and Expo on Proteomics
November 13-15, 2017 Paris, France

Medical Japan– Best gateway to tap the world’s
2016-12-09 05:43:18

Medical Japan 2017 – Best gateway to tap the world’s second largest medical market!

Medical ....

Smart Healthcare Expo
2017-11-24 02:04:33

2018 Smart Healthcare Expo Newsletter


The implementation of smart technology in the hospital greatly elevates the ....

International Vision Expo West
2017-03-02 06:38:09

Vision Expo is a weeklong celebration to introduce the world's most fashionable eyewear and advanced equipment ....

KHIMIA - Chemistry Expo
2017-03-02 07:10:12

Post Show Report International Exhibition Khimia 2016
From September 19 to 22, Expocentre ....

Arab Health Congress
2017-03-08 07:04:57

News & Press Releases



2017-03-06 02:48:34

All the latest news from MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2017.
Dates announced for MEDICAL ....

2017-03-09 07:02:47

EPN Forum Tubinge - Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network Forum
2016-02-05 05:06:21

  "The EPN FORUM 2016 will take place on 18th-21st May in Germany (Tübingen)"

Iran Health:International Exhibition for Medical,Dental, laboratory Equipment Pharmaceutical
2017-03-10 02:13:42

Post Show Report 2016

Venue   Tehran International Permanent Fairground
Duration & ....

Medicare Taiwan

Official Contractor 2017
Uniplan Taiwan Corporation O'YA Marketing Solution & Interior Design
Asia’s only life care as the theme of the whole international exhibition Medical technology combined with the wisdom to show new trends Sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, China
Republic of China External Trade Development Council’s fifth execution
Session of the "Taiwan International Medical Exhibition” will be held this
(2014) in a museum at the World Trade June 19 to 22
Little fun together and “Taiwan International Seniors cum health care capacity
Industry Exhibition "," Taiwan International herbal cum function
Food Fair "and" Taiwan International paternity Industry
Exhibition “joint exhibition, a total of 541 exhibitors
Using 963 booths, vendor number and the number of stalls regulation
Moduli are high. International buyers this year have come from
Dubai, Germany, Turkey, Myanmar, Rome
Virginia and Belarus distributors expected
Supply up to $ 10 million, to visit people at home and abroad
The number is expected to reach 63,000 people, is relevant
Find the best platform for industry collaboration opportunities.
New trends in medical products for lightweight and with Kuwait
Technology combined with, for example, the first exhibition of the Health and Welfare
Ministry of Health to promote self- management systems and cloud height
Age -friendly health care, China Association for security operations
Will depend home care users to create situational main
Hall problem and set of teaching experience area, by a professional
Teaching staff to help people experience. Public medical material
Zone will showcase the latest hospital and medical equipment
Equipment. In addition, the exhibition includes new products
The new flagship lightweight and convenient electric scooter,
And the use of medical sensing device with a smart
Phone and tablet, wireless transmission of health information,
Making health care more wisdom and convenient
By TAITRA and Yuan Ze University Elderly Welfare
Center collaboration in Taiwan for the first time to handle the “first
Ninth International Elderly Welfare Institute of Technology in the World
Will “explore the related technology applications, remote photo
Protect and promote recreational seniors topics invited to
Since more than 30 countries 200 experts gathered to discuss production
Future industry trends. In addition, during the exhibition
There are many wonderful
Interesting health talks,”
Hiromichi elderly Foundation “will also be held at the exhibition
People smile photography activities.
Opportunities for the development of parenting, trade association for the first time
Industry Exhibition opened parentage, Ming (20) days and more will be held
"Asian parenting seminar industry opportunities," invited
Please come from Japan, China, Taiwan experts
Speaker three parenting industry, which Japan
Paternity market and business opportunities are times by well-known music
Health Qiao Lian Chi publisher editor to Taiwan to share. Close
Another sub- exhibition dedicated children's programming experience PUSH BIKE
, Children sewing catwalk, pop lychee photography prize ratio
Race , a total of reading animal conservation activities , Mei Ling Tinker
Pound, learning music, children's modeling contest and other
Type activities, welcome to the big family

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